You Aren’t Alone

I want you to know you aren't alone in this world.  That even though you stand in a crowded room and feel alone, you aren't. You are precious. You are a rare gem. You are beautiful.

I know those words are hard to comprehend sometimes. Especially if you have faced rejection from people close to you, but those words are true. Standing in front of the mirror you may see all the flaws, all your shortcomings, all the ick; but that's now what I see.

I see strength. I see boldness.  I see beauty.  I see determination.

And before you say, "You can't see me" or "You don't know me" or "You don't know what I've done, where I have been" let me tell you this... no matter the past or even your current situation, you were created in His imagine.  And He is beautiful, therefore you are beautiful.

And your past? He wipes it clean with His blood.

I was a whore. I was rejected. I was an alcoholic. I hated myself. I didn't want to die but I certainly didn't want to live. I thought I was ugly and worthless. And I use to only see the flaws. All the junk the world through at me, I claimed as my identity.

And slowly, I let those layers fall off being wiped clean by my Savior.  I couldn't feel clean or whole again without Him.  I tried. New clothes, new place, new life wouldn't heal the wounds inside. It was Jesus.  A continual laying down of my own life, so that He may live within me.

And you have this opportunity to.  To actually feel beautiful. To live life. To have purpose. To dream again. To have hope.  Hope for a better tomorrow.  For their may be pain in the night, but joy always comes in the morning. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are adopted and cherished.  You are not rejected by His love. You are whole and made complete through Jesus Christ.

Walk boldly with your head high for you are adored.

My Keyboard.

i play the keyboard (2)

I have a love affair with the beginning of songs.  Songs that start and it is just the piano.  The beautiful melody of fingers gliding across the keys forming beautiful music.  It’s before the artist proclaims their words to the melody.  To me, it feels raw and peaceful.  It different than just simply listening to a piano solo because you know there will be an interruption.
It’s those few moments where just the keyboard is played and all else is quiet.  I love those moments.

Unfortunately, my musically abilities are lacking.  this is my song.However, I play a mean keyboard… on my computer.  Every time I go to write I feel like this is my way of releasing what I feel in those moments before the artist breaks in with worship.  That moment where it’s Jesus, me and the melody.  And as I type away on my computer keyboard, I pray it makes a sweet melody that glorifies Him alone.

My words are insignificant.  I’m not an expert.  I have terrible grammar.  And without spellcheck... well just be grateful there is spellcheck for you literary people out there would struggle to get through anything I write.  I am simply a woman who loves Jesus, wants more of Him, and desires to live for Him.  My life is messy, not ordinary, and yet absolutely beautiful.  Sometimes I forget how beautiful it is.  I believe stupid lies that put my eyes away from the beauty of His hand and onto the chaos.

Then I come to my keyboard and humble myself and remember I’m a daughter of a King.  I’m wanted. Loved. Adored. And worth oh-so much.  That I haven’t failed, I haven’t been forgotten, and I’m an overcomer because He has overcome the world.  I’m not lost. I’m not alone.  I’m very much found and I’m very much whole.  This is my song.